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Aged Care Imaging has provided mobile imaging services to residents of Aged Care Facilities across Melbourne since 2012.

By providing quality X-ray services at Aged Care facilities, we reduce stress on residents, their families and your nursing team by making it easy for you to access Imaging information. We can service your facility; get in touch to find out how.

Improving access to imaging allows your team to have that extra piece of information on an illness prior to putting a medical action plan in place. This can result in a reduction in the number of unnecessary hospitalisations and more residents being treated in the safety and familiarity of their room.

Families love our service.

No longer is there a need to burden facility staff or family members with the transport needs of residents when they require an X-ray.

Our mobile service makes it simple to order and have an examination completed with a 30-minute visit from one of our highly qualified technicians.

Our equipment in very mobile and manoeuvrable allowing us to easily get the images we need.

Our operating hours –

We provide non-urgent mobile X-ray and Ultrasound examinations between 8.30am and 5.00pm weekdays.

Where demand allows, urgent examinations can be ordered by contacting 1300 025 601. Upon an urgent request, we will let you know within 30 minutes our ability to get to your facility.

Areas we treat –

We provide examinations of the Chest, Abdomen, Spine, Pelvic Girdle, Extremities and Facial Bones performed at the resident’s bedside.

For the resident, this means that we assemble our equipment in their room and where examinations require the resident to be lying down, this will be performed on the resident’s bed. Any form of erect imaging such as a chest X-ray can be achieved sitting in a comfortable chair.

Our Ultrasound service is even more mobile. Examinations that can be performed are abdominal, renal, pelvic, small parts examinations of the thyroid and scrotum, and vascular examinations of the extremities and neck. All scans are completed on a resident’s bed.

We pride ourselves on a high level of communication and we encourage you to phone us to discuss any aspect of our service.

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