We are always happy to receive feedback from our patients, families and medical staff. The following is a selection of feedback sent to us.

Dr Lesley Soo wrote,

Mr and Mrs T.

Both Mr and Mrs T are in their late 80s, just admitted to my nursing home for respite care, both confused with no clear histories.  Mr T had left chest wall pain, and Mrs T had left hip pain. Examination was not helpful. Urgent mobile Xrays were very helpful.

Mr T had pneumonia diagnosed, and antibiotics commenced in a short space of time.

Mrs T had an avulsion fracture of the left hip, and bed rest and analgesia settled her problem.

Both patients were saved a hospital trip and the unsettling nature of this when just admitted to an institution. Furthermore, the hospital was saved the assessment of 2 new patients.

I have found the mobile Xray service both timely and useful. The reporting has been excellent.

Dr Lesley Soo

Pam Stephens, a resident’s daughter, wrote,

Dear Simon,

I am just writing to express my appreciation of the excellent mobile X-ray service provided by your company. I had been told by my mother’s doctor that she needed an X-ray on her foot. My Mum is 92 years of age and lives in an aged care facility. She is quite frail and after a long illness is quite anxious about going outdoors. At the time the X-ray was required I was suffering from complications following hip surgery and I was unsure how I would manage transporting her to an external X-ray service. I was relieved and delighted when I was told of your service by the facility and even more so when the X-ray was completed quickly and efficiently without posing any concerns for my Mum.

I can see that your service would offer many benefits for residents of aged care facilities and their families.

Thank you once again,

Pam Stephens.

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