The Value of Mobile X-Ray in Aged Care?

If you are a GP or a nurse working directly in Aged Care Facilities in Australia, you might question the value of Mobile X-Ray and how it could help your patient and your facility?

Assoc Professor Michael Montalto is the Clinical Lead of Hospital at Home service based out of Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. He is a specialist in determining essential medical services that can be safely provided to people within their own home.

Believe it or not, this includes Mobile X-Ray.

We encourage you to read his submission to the Australian Health Review which can directly link a Mobile X-ray Service to a reduction in Emergency Hospital presentations and the benefits Mobile X-Ray provides to the ACF and its residents. Click on the link below:

Mobile X-Ray imaging can be safely provided within the patients home or Aged Care Facility as part of a Hospital Avoidance service for non urgent candidates.

The Mobile X-Ray service removes the trauma, time and cost associated with transporting patients to a static Radiology site or Hospital based Radiology department. Its great for the patient and their families, and its allows the Aged Care Facility to better arrange for more efficient staffing with less staff 'off site' accompanying their patient to their imaging appointments.

With hospital ramping and demands on Paramedics on the increase, along with the expectation that hospital beds will be full over the Flu season, we ask you that you consider our for your residents in your facility.

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