Medical form with stethoscope

Order An X-Ray...

To perform an X-Ray we need your doctor to complete an X-Ray request form.

This can be any radiology request form as long as relevant clinical details are present.

The essential details we require include: Facility location, Patient details and clinical information, doctors details including their signature.

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Fax Your Order...

Once your X-Ray request form has been completed, your Aged Care Facility can now simply fax or email the form to:

VIC: 03 8414 2899
QLD: 07 3532 5177
SA: 08 6477 3625

Customer Support Representative

Arrange A Time...

At this point our friendly staff will call your Aged Care Facility to arrange a suitable time to perform your X-Ray in the comfort of your own bed or chair.

At this point we will also require payment to be made or authorised.



We are always ready to answer your questions regarding our service.

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